Coco Salinas

Coco Salinas is a Singer/Musician and Bandleader that started his musical ambitions at the age of seven, by the time he was fifteen he was invited by Vinicius de Moraes to play in “La Fusa” Punta del Este, Uruguay.  He later went on to pursue a solo career in Buenos Aires. His first guitar classes were taught by Ramon Escude’ one of the great flamenco guitarists of Catalunya, Spain and his musician skills were developed by Herminio Gimenez one of the greatest Latin American composers of all time. As a musician he performs many styles such as Bossa Nova, Rumba, Flamenco, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Boleros, Guajira, Salsa, Tango and Guaranías.  Coco was blessed with a multi-bilingual voice best known as irresistible, interpretive and perceptive; he sings Brazilian classics with his breathy sensual romantic vocals, his natural attractiveness and musical knowledge borders on the hypnotic, singing and playing with relentless passion creating an unforgettable musical experience with every performance.

Coco Salinas provides a unique International, Afro–Cuban, World sound that he delivers with energy and showmanship that he calls “passion for performance”.  This International Artist performs music from all over the World with presentations from Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Spain. Being so diverse allows Coco and his musicians to share their musical experience with their audience, creating an exotic and exciting atmosphere.  Due to the incredible versatility of this band music combinations can be customized to suit your musical needs.