To DJ PJ music has always been one of the most important aspects of his life. At a young age he always felt a groove overcome his entire body when a song came on and right away he would start moving to the beat. PJ realized he had a musical gift when he became Tenor Captain for one of the most awarded High School Drum Lines in the Country, the beat was in him! PJ remembers as a kid jumping around to the song “Sand Storm” with his brothers and used to dream about playing music for people and getting the same reaction and now he actually makes a living doing it! DJ PJ loves to spin all genres of music from Hip Hop to Rap from Trance to House to today’s latest Dance Hits. This young DJ has an old soul and his spinning style proves it, performing Old School with Vinyl on the Wheels of Steel.

Music: Rap/Hip-Hop/House/Trance/EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
Software: Serato Scratch Live
Gear: Stanton T.52 Turntables, Stanton M.203 Mixer