DJ Roddy G

DJ Roddy G was first introduced to the entertainment industry after listening to a Counting Crows album; the rock sound inspired him to dedicate his life to music. From there he listened to every genre of music which has given him the knowledge and skills to create his incredible mixing and scratching of tracks he performs today. Roddy G is a native of Florida with his heritage coming from Cuba and Venezuela. On the Mic he energizes his audiences with a sense of articulate humor in both English and Spanish. He can perform unlimited combinations of Hip Hop, Latin, Pop, Rock, Country, House and Old School music. He enjoys looking out at his audience to see a packed dance floor with big smiles, it is then he has accomplished his musical task.

Music: Love to spin House, my job is to spin everything!
Software: Serato Scratch Live, Serato Itch & Numark NS6 Midi Controller
Gear: Denon DN-S3700 CD Players, Denon DN-X120 Mixer