Gyorgy Lakatos

Gyorgy was born in Budapest, Hungary where his love of music came natural, the guitar and cimbalom are his proficiency. He is a songwriter, performer and a “Gypsy Heart” romancing any audience with his suave approach to making the guitar sing like an angel. He has traveled throughout the world entertaining many audiences and now resides in Florida and is making a name for himself in the United States. His agile hands caress the strings of the guitar in a manner never before seen, performing as if it was a part of his body. He redefines music with his supernatural talent. Gyorgy’s family members are all musicians, most known world wide, and he carries a tradition passed down through generations. “We are all Musicians” Gyorgy says. When asked about his music he has only one thing to say. “It’s the air that I breathe, without it, I can’t exist.” He is simply an amazing Artist.