Jesse Ricca & Fresh Paint

Jesse Ricca is an incredible guitar virtuoso and composer, his passion for music started at the age of 13 when he picked up his first guitar only to impress a girl.  She did not work out but his love for music and his instrument became his life.  Later he found that his raw and instant talent came from his family history in a long line of Composers and Musicians from Italy, his Grandmother a professional singer and Grandfather an accomplished pianist.  Jesse Ricca is a very versatile musician and can perform in many capacities, as a Solo Guitarist to a full band and even with a Disc Jockey.  He can perform any genre of music from soft contemporary Jazz to Blues, Classical to Rock, Latin, Funk, Reggae and R&B.  Fresh Paint is a musical project he started with Keenan Walter, with the simple mission of bringing musical nutrition to the people. With a blend of classic and modern jazz, Fresh Paint gives fresh looks at both timeless jazz standards and more contemporary tunes from the world of pop, while introducing occasional original compositions. They strive to deliver a most tasteful sound that will keep their audiences entertained and coming back for more.