Raul Guzman

The saxophone was invented by Luthier Adolphe Sax in 1846. This instrument was usually found in orchestra concerts behind the transverse flutes. But its rebel and bohemian nature made this fantastic instrument move from behind the hidden rows of the orchestra to the main rows of independent projects in the search of different and less conservative sounds, commuting with an endless loneliness and necessity for achieving its individual respect. It began to improvise other worlds and other sensations until it created a place of its own and became a poetic, modern, sensual and innovative passion. These main and very strong reasons were the guide for the musical knowledge of Raúl Guzmán as a performer of this magnificent instrument. Coming from a musical family and daily listening to traditional saxo notes from his grandfather the expert Raul “Marino” Suarez (Main saxophonist of two of the most recognized music bands in Venezuela as they are LA BILLOS and LOS MELÓDICOS), this proximity to the music world gave Raúl Guzmán an idea that today has been transformed in a sound directed by the soul of the musical notes and his perseverance. One of the musical influences of Raúl Guzmán is the Jazz and Blues, but as he is coming from one of the cities of Venezuela that belongs to the Caribbean coast called Maracay which is named ”The birthplace of reggae” the influences of this musical afrodecendent tendency it’s been an important part of his passion, listening to music bands like Tiken Jah Fakoly, Black Uluru, Steel Pulse, Gladiators and Bushman among others. He also had the opportunity of ensuring his music passion by playing the principal saxophone position in two of the biggest and more important reggae bands of Venezuela as they are AGUAMALA and ZION TPL. He has gone on to produce his first solo record plate called BLACK & WHITE.

This record was recorded in a combination between two places Venezuela and The United States. It will come to light with his promotional theme ”FLORIDA” and it will be the first single of this record that put together the required components to complete the perfect musical recipe. Experience, patience and humility are reflected in his instrumental songs, compositions made at different stages of the artist’s life, which reflect his ideals and influences, so his listeners can enjoy a homogeneous musical journey that mix poetry, passion and life experiences through the imposing sound of Smooth Jazz. Welcome to BLACK & WHITE.