Musicology; the historical and scientific study of music, this definition clearly describes this most unique and entertaining customized musical group. Musicology the DJ Live Experience is a performance band that is made up of professional Musicians, Vocalists and a Disc Jockey, also considered a musician. Together, they rehearse and study music theory, where it came from and how they can create arrangements that will engage any audience. Musicology the DJ Live Experience was created to offer our clients a unique, chic and interactive way of entertaining any audience by combining Musicians and or Vocalists with a Professional Disc Jockey to create a live stage presence with a limitless repertoire of music. This entertaining combination will create a very fun and exciting atmosphere; the Disc Jockey spins live with the musicians and or vocalists introducing a seamless non-stop musical experience. With the right combination, we can provide your event with musical ambience transitioning from formal elegance to festive fun, the way you envision it. With Musicology the DJ Live Experience we can introduce many different styles of music including but not limited to Rock, R&B, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Dance, Trance, EDM, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, African, Greek, Italian, International and World Beat sounds.